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EMAG is a fast growing Oil Field Service Company and currently being viewed as an industry leader in mud logging, focusing on drilling support and formation evaluation.  Our team of professionals are able to provide decision-ready information about well status and drilling performance that gives rise to drilling of better wells more efficiently.

Our newly acquired mud logging unit is equipped with a gas chromatograph that analyses C1-C5 gases between 30-45 seconds. Our sensors are at the forefront of sensor technology. Mud and drilling data acquired from multiple surface sensors can be presented

Formation characteristics obtained by analysing rock cuttings and mud hydrocarbon content are displayed on monitors and recorded on mud logs.

One of our brand new mud logging unit (QUEEN ADELINE 002) is currently mobilized to OML 40 for their drilling campaign. We finished our first well on OML 40 on 13th of December 2017 (OPUAMA WELL 8) and we have now commenced logging on OPUAMA WELL 9.