• First and Second Line Wellhead Maintenance (Routine and Non Routine) Wellhead Maintenance).
• Installation, Repair and Refurbishment of Wellhead Equipment and Accessories.
• Sales, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of all OEM Wellhead Equipment and Accessories for Oil and Gas Wells.
• Wellhead Completions and Drilling Support Services.
• Wellhead Tools and Equipment Rental Services Such as:
i. Drilling Spools/Adapters, Suspension Spools, Riser Spools and Flanges.
ii. Wellhead Running/Retrieving Tools, Wear Bushings for Bore Protection, Combination Running Tool/Test Plugs.
iii. .CrossOvers, Lubricators, BPV,TWCV,VR-Plugs an Actuators Mechanical Opener.
iv. Installation, Maintenance and Refurbishment of all OEM Manual and Adjustable Choke System (BeanBoxes).
v. Supply, Installation, Repair, Maintenance and Refurbishment of all OEM Manual, Pneumatic ,and Hydraulic (Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Plug Valves, Needle Valves and Butterfly Valves

• Drift run.
• Installation and Retrieval of surface control subsurface safety valves.
• Installation and Retrieval of plug and prongs.
• Bottom hole pressure and Bottom hole temperature survey.
• Swabbing.
• Fishing.
• Sand Bailing.
• Gaslift Operations (gaslift valve changeout).
• Zone change.
• Wax cutting.
• Tubing leak Testing.
• Tubing Perforation.
• Workover/Well completion services.
• Setting of Bridge Plugs and Packers.